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A quick look at OS X virtualisation solutions

Ive tried number of windows virtualisation products in my iMac. At first nothing turned out impressive.
Some of the products mentioned here can virtualize any X86 OS. But lets stick to windows emulation for now.

These products were tested in Leopard 10.5.2
While every OSX application comes out with a shiny icon , it doesnt mean product will shine.

Parallels Desktop:


Interface: Simple , elegant. Main window shows the list of virtual machines(VM) installed, the first being Boot camp partition.No fancy , simple alt color list with preview.More than enough.
Performance:Installing Windows XP took around 1 hour(???!!!) and vista 45 mins. Ok ,there were some disc scratches.After installation everything went well. decent speed when allotted 768MB RAM. actually virtual machine was on my 2TB 7200RPM USB external drive.
Having the image in main harddisk didnt make any difference. Had some problems with networking,not working, finally working.

Verdict: looks ok , but with Intel VT/VT-X (intel virtualisation technology) coming…

Vmware Fusion:

Cost: 80$

Interface:Ok , similar list with preview.Neat.
Concept:Fusion , actually i was impressed with the idea.It displays the windows dialogs within Mac OS X.Sounds awesome.but wait.
Performance:Was actually great in Default mode.But in Unity mode i can notice the lag, that too with heavy windows themes that was much noticeable.we should blame windows.Other than that performance was Good.


Cost: Free
Performance: Product of SUN Microsystems. Stable one. but currently unuseable.


Q Emulator is free. But running Windows on it is PIA.


Cost: 40$

Performance:It is not an platform emulator. It is based on WINE.You can run many windows apps such MS office stably and reliably. But sir, I would like to have whole milk instead.