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Living with Synergy – A Tutorial

Ever wanted to use a single keyboard and mouse to control all your computers? Yes! Time to ditch Dual and triple Monitor, boring single OS computers! Yes , Now it’s time for multi-system unified desktops.

Enter the Synergy –

Supposed to be a complex, yet is a walk in the park. Let us find out how awesome it is!

Purpose of this guide is to get synergy up and running in a quick way across three major operating systems.  Synergy is running flawlessly for over than 3 months on my 3 systems. Way to go , Developers. Thank you.


  • Install Synergy2 in three of the major operating systems
    • Windows (7)
    • Mac OS X(Leopard)
    • Ubuntu Linux (10.04)
  • Switch the client and server configurations and experiment.
  • Auto start the synergy2 at boot (or at GUI login) in all Operating systems.
  • Logically configuring the synergy to work flawlessly in Dual and triple monitor systems.

Browse through this guide

  1. Planning your Monitor setup (choosing clients and a server).
  2. Setup in Windows 7 (Client and server)
  3. Setup in Mac OS X (Client and server)
  4. Setup in Ubuntu Linux (Client and server)
  5. Some example configurations
  6. Tips and troubleshooting synergy.
  7. The Unity (aka The Happily Ever After) :P

I will walk you through all the steps except the last one. ;)

Browse through the following pages to learn more about this tool.