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Upcoming changes on WP UI 0.8.9


Following changes has been incorporated into the next update of WP UI.

Major Additions

  1. Single Line tabs
  2. Super compatibility mode with CDN jQuery option
  3. Better Non-english/Special character support with headers
  4. Now add custom ID attribute to any widget.

Feature Removal/Changes

  1. Styles marked for removal. You can download the styles Here.
    • WPUI-Redmond
    • WPUI-Safle
    • WPUI-Achu
    • WPUI-Narrow
    • WPUI-Blue
    • WPUI-cyaat9
    • WPUI-Red

Still Unconfirmed

  1. Style enhancements
    • wpui-alma will feature customizable gradient color.
    • wpui-red and blue removed will be included as a single theme ‘wpui-rgb’ along with green.
  2. Following least used features are marked for removal.
    • Post widget (related post widget shown at post’s footer)
    • Image processing class, imager.php
    • Top navigation in Tabs.
    • Some stuff for backwards compatibility

Any of this might be changed prior to the SVN release. As usual your input is highly appreciated. Don’t forget to Subscribe to RSS to keep notified of changes. Or Twitter maybe!

  • hotnzazzy

    Please address the issue of fixed tab panel heights. We have unchecked the admin preference for “uniform accordion panel height” but the fixed height persists. There is an inline style that calls for 145 pixel height. Here is the page:

    This has been a comment on the thread for 3 months.

    Thank you!

  • Rick

    If Top Navigation Tabs mean Tabs horizontal across top, then I would not like to see that go away.

    • Kavin Gray

      No, Top navigation is counter part of bottom navigation, prev next buttons in content, just below the tabs. Horizontal tabs will remain for ever.

  • Rick

    I use wpui-green. What happens if(when) I upgrade to 0.8.8 or 0.8.9? Does wpui-rgb give a choice of those three colors?

    • Rich

      Solved the problem by switching to South Street them.

  • Rick

    Trying to use Auto Rotation in tab with Firefox 24. I used [wptabs rotate="6s"], but nothing happened.

    • Rick

      I found the answer. Auto Rotate has been removed. If I understood the comments I found.

  • Rick

    I’m using WP-UI for tabs,accordions currently using South Street them. I find that links inside tab (e.g. content) lose their color. The appear black. It seems “.ui-widget-content a” in jquery-ui.css overridding the color. Is this by design? Is there a way around this? Thank you for WP-UI and your help.