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Update : Lots of users asked me to put up a paypal donate button, which is not available at present for my region. Thanks for all the users who appreciate my work. You can use the below form.

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As a computer enthusiast who started with Linux, i strongly believe and stand by the ways of open source. All my works are licensed with GPL v2.0, unless otherwise specified or is an essential part of this web site’s design. Plugin scripts are dual licensed under open source MIT/GPL licenses, unless other wise specified.

All i ask for, if you appreciate my works or articles here, is to spread a word about ‘em. You could like/follow/+ on social networks or use the contact form to send me a little note. This is not a request for the sake of popularity, but sharing the only wealth we possess for ever – Knowledge.



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  • Tony Thompson

    Brilliant work – one of the all-time great WP plugins ever! Well done, and many thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/ffewsh Chris Fewings

    Dead link to Twitter? Thanks for WP UI! I’m using it on the front page of http://www.chris.fewin.gs

    • Kavin Gray

       Sorry about that Chris, i corrected that and sorry for the delay. :)

      Great work there :)