WP UI Quick Start

So you’ve just installed WP UI, and are excited on finding out what this has got to offer? Well, prepare to be amazed. WP UI’s core purpose is it’s simplicity while  offering great versatility.  Following is a rough guide on implementing each WP UI component and posts feature with the UInterface .

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WP UI 0.8 update – Changes

This new version of WP UI brings you some exciting features. There had been a lot of code rewrite, especially the ones on the admin side. It is important to know that plugin directory structure has changed, location of the scripts and styles hence. This post will explain the changes related to this update.

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WP UI components demo

WP UI is a wordpress plugin that lets you add interactive widgets to your wordpress posts, such as tabs, accordion, sliders, collapsibles.

Take a look at the working examples of the components of wpui plugin.

Try the Styleswitcher, that allows you to see all the widgets in different styles.

Main plugin here.

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