FAQ on WP UI plugin for wordpress.

Please post support questions at Forums. This site is purely meant for demonstration, documentation and reference purposes. Thanks!

Q . Where can i see a demo of this plugin?

A . A complete demo available right here.

Q . Where can i check out the custom CSS3 styles?

A . Demo with the live style switcher can be found here.

Q . What if the user has javascript disabled?

A . All the code will degrade gracefully when javascript is disabled. Try disabling the Javascript in your browser and take a look.

Q . Can i use all the available jQuery UI themes?

A . Yes, all of them. Just pass the name of jQuery UI theme as value to the wptabs style argument. You may need to style the previous next buttons though.

Q . Why aren’t my tabs/sliders/accordion working?

If you have just installed the plugin or the plugin is not working at all, try re-saving the plugin options.

Q. Why do i see some closing shortcodes in rendered page occasionally?

A . Shortcodes should be entered within the wordpress post editor’s HTML mode. WP Visual mode editor inserts additional paragraph


tags before and after the shortcodes, rendering them invalid.

Q . Why can’t i see the text in the tabs?

Style inconsistencies. Probably coz’ the background color of the CSS3 style and text color of the wordpress theme are similar. Please try switching to a different tab style or jQuery UI theme.

Q . Why does the UI widgets behave strangely sometimes?

This can be caused by a lot of white space between the shortcodes, which are converted by wordpress into empty space enclosed within


tags. Reduce the unwanted space between the shortcodes, it should now work.

Q . I have tried almost everything, yet nothing works? =

Okay, drop me a note with the code you used. I’ll be glad to help.

Q . Why can’t i select the other tabs after using “Visualize and select” in the options panel?

This is because another copy of jQuery UI was loaded in the style chooser. Please save changes and try again. It should work now.

Q . Where can i get help about this plugin?

Documentation is available right within the wordpress admin. It is present as follows.
* Post editor – look for the menu button in Visual mode and “?” icon in the HTML mode. This covers the common usage of the plugin shortcodes and their arguments.
* Contextual Help – you can access this on the options page. Click the tab and click the help button on the top right corner of the page, below your username.

Documentation & Demos can be found at http://kav.in/projects/plugins/wp-u

You can contact me if you need any help or use the wordpress support forums when they are made available.

Q . I have some exciting idea/suggestion about this plugin!

I would love to hear about it. Please amuse me.

Q . I need an exclusive skins for my open source related site!

Contact me right away.

Q . How can i support this plugin?

You can start off by recommending this plugin! You could start with the social networks here.

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