You are Viewing : HomeLinuxLogin as root with KDM or GDM GUI login manager in Ubuntu Linux
  • Calfuray

    Thank you very much for this tutorial. I was getting very tired of every forum thread on this topic giving me the proverbial run around.

    • kavin

      You’re welcome! Without root access, i would have never learned a bit about linux.. :)

  • Bob

    FINALLY !, Your instructions were just what I needed for Kubuntu 11.04, I have been searching for days but, have only found wrong, outdated or only half true info !.
    Logging in as a root user should not be the cryptic PIA that it is !.
    People have been warned that logging in as root can be dangerous, but if they ( or I ) do
    and screw up ther system well that is their fault. If I mess something up, I’ll just reinstall
    and start over again, being new to Linux, that is how I wil learn !.

    Thanks again !.

    • kavin

      Sure, Bob. You’re welcome.

  • Baban Gaigole

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